Wikis, Part 2

Wow, I am finally up to #16!  I actually starting to feel almost caught up!  I added my blog to the Learn and Play at CML Favorites Wiki and I added some favorite books, restaurants and vacation spots.  I think this exercise may be good for experience publishing online, however, I think this wiki looks messy.  It isn’t organized at all once you get into each category and isn’t actually set up for finding anything.  You have to read through everything and I prefer my information organized.  Some link, some don’t.  It just looks like a mish mash of random information.  I think the jury is still out for me on wikis…although I do like the name wiki, makes me think of the Ewoks.


Wikis, Part 1

I took about a half hour to look at the wikis linked in the Learn and Play blog post.  My wiki experience really only goes as far as wikipedia, so a half hour is really not enough time to get a true feel for wikis.  I still don’t feel completely clear about the best ways to use them.  I still have a hard time browsing wikis, they just don’t look inviting to me.  I thought the ones linked seemed a little sparse on content and being used to wikipedia which is anything but sparse, I found that somewhat disapointing.  I can see how wikis are useful for colaborative projects.  I also think they would be useful as a sort of database, for recipes or book lists, other things with a lot of “stuff.”  Still wikis seem to me most useful when you already know what you are looking for and not so much for just browsing.