A Cat in the sink and Twitter

Here is my latest cat photograph.  Don’t you wish you could curl up for a nap in the sink?  Perhaps not 🙂  Anyways, twitter…

I created a twitter account yesterday.  I’d been putting it off until I discovered one of my favorite blogs has a twitter version.  I thought that seemed kinda neat, it gave me a point of interest anyway.  So I signed up.   I am still feeling a bit skeptical about it and I simply cannot figure out how to ‘tweet’ from my cell phone.  I texted a code to some number, but it didn’t work.  I do think I would use it more if I could text my tweets from my phone.  I can see myself right now: “At the grocery store, buying pineapple.” or if it had worked yesterday, “headed to the Nordstom Cafe for Crab Bisque.” I had an unstoppable craving for it yesterday, wouldn’t you have loved to get a ‘tweet’ about that?   I thought so.  If you would like to follow me…I can be found here.