Learn and Play Clickable Button!

Woo hoo!  I created my very own Clickable Learn and Play button (see it on the top left?) just like on CMLsi!  Not sure if this is technically allowed, since I stole the image from CMLsi, but I love buttons and thought it looked cool on CMLsi so I couldn’t help myself.  I was just playing on my lunch break when I thought of this.  If you want to make one too, it is soooooo easy!  Just do a “Save As” by right clicking on the Learn and Play button on the CMLsi.  Save it in “My Pictures” or wherever.  If you have a blogger blog then you can just go to your Layout and Add a Gadget.  Choose Picture, upload the Learn and Play button and add in the link!  Easy Peasy.  Word Press is a little more complicated of course (I’m finding everything seems to be a little more complicated in wordpress, anyone else?), but I found excellent instructions here.  Wouldn’t it be great though if CML provided the code for it somewhere on the Learn and Play blog, so we could easily just copy the code and paste in our own blogs?  Just like adding your shelfari or Librarything widgets? 

Again hopefully I’m not breaking the rules, if I am, I will happily remove it, but then again, I like to think of myself as a wild rule breaker type (lol)!!!