I tried MOLDI once from home sometime last year, but gave up when I saw you could not download to Ipods.  I was curious to explore it now that you can download to Ipods.  It is okay.  I actually would use this occasionally if MOLDI were drastically different.  It still does not impress me much.  I don’t listen to a ton of audio books, but I do listen to at least a couple a year.  But I probably still will not use MOLDI because the selection is not great, there are only 177 titles for Ipod and searching on this sight is cumbersome.  I suppose since there are only 177 titles for me to browse through I could just look through all of them, but ideally I would like to limit my search within that somehow (i.e. just teen titles in MP3 format) and I did not see an option for this.  You could search for just teen or children’s titles or even do a key word search, but from there you cannot limit your results (i.e. Burn to CD, Ipod MP3 etc).  Hopefully, in the coming years, MOLDI gets better and more usable.  It could be a very desirable service.