Lifelong Learning

The easiest habit for me in the the 7 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners is #2: “Accept Responsibility for Your Own Learning.” I say this after reflecting on a few things I have learned since finishing my MLS in 2004. It is kind of amazing!  I could easily rattle off 20 or more things I’ve learned in the last 4 years! I’m tempted to type how much ‘I’ve changed’ but that really isn’t the right word…I’ve evolved or enhanced myself, might be better choices.  I thought this picture I took a few weeks ago of my cat  and my many craft books illustrates this fact…these books are my tools. I suppose I am good at Habit #5 as well (Create your own learning toolbox –and here I thought I was just shopping)!  I took this picture because I have currently challenged myself (over on my craft blog) to make at least one project from each book in the pile on the right…how is that for accepting responsibility for my own learning?

The hardest habit for me is #3: “View Problems as Challenges.” That said, I know that some of the best lessons I’ve learned are when I completely failed at something…or came across something I thought I’d never be able to do. Still, in the moment ‘problems’ cause me a great deal of anxiety. I do wish I could better put them in perspective, in the moment.