Library 2.0 and Web 2.0

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I read¬†most of the articles on Library and Web 2.0 and my first thought was that 2.0 is a lot more overwhelming to read about than it has been to explore some of these 2.0 technologies.¬†¬†Some of the articles just got a little too technical for me.¬† Reading some of these perspectives, however,¬†reminded me that Library 2.0¬†is more than just the web or technology, which is probably how I tend to think of it.¬† And I am glad for that.¬†¬†¬†I think the key phrase I got out of all of this is that Library 2.0 is user-focused.¬†¬†Previously when I heard the term¬†Library 2.0 I thought of technology and it doesn’t have to be that…although I think the discussion does tend to focus more on technology sometimes than user-focused.

I think my philosophy on Web/Library 2.0 goes along best with the Michael Stephens article.¬† I loved¬†what he said about technolust and that¬†Librarian 2.0 does not buy technology for the sake of technology.¬† I think this is critical as the library evolves…lots of technology ends up just being a passing fad and it takes a higher level of thinking to identify if¬†certain technology will truly improve service.¬†

What I think is most important for¬†Library 2.0 is that we do not leave people¬†behind.¬†¬†I see a lot of people who have been¬†left behind at my location.¬†¬†I see this¬†also with my family and friends and that scares me sometimes.¬† How¬†can we meet these customers needs?¬†¬†How are we helping the person who has never needed to fill out an online job application before, but now needs to¬†in order to get a job at McDonalds or¬†Family Dollar.¬†¬†I don’t feel I ever have enough time to really work with folks on things like this…and they don’t always want to come to a scheduled class.¬†¬†Another thing I notice, and maybe I just hang out with people from the stone age, but¬†the majority of my college educated friends (the ones who don’t work in libraries)¬†who are in their mid twenties to early thirties do not have flickr accounts or blogs.¬† Most don’t even read blogs.¬† They don’t twitter or have a facebook page.¬† How will¬†Library 2.0 meet these people if they aren’t in these places I keep hearing they supposedly already are?¬† This is why¬†I think it is important to go beyond technology when we discuss Library 2.0.¬† It is important for us as a profession to be familiar with these tools, and many people are using them, however there are still a lot of people who are not using them and have no need to use them.¬† And I am not saying here that we shouldn’t be moving forward like we are, we most definitely should, however, I hope as we move forward we are not turning a blind eye to what is right in front of us and that we are truly focusing on what our users want and need.