Thing 9

Position # 1
This picture illustrates what I wish I could do right now!  But  I’m a human and not a cat and we just don’t get as many naps, what a shame!  I searched for some library blogs. I tried out the blog search tools, but I still prefer discovering blogs from other people’s links. Here are some I at least kinda liked.  Some of them I found in a round about way from the search tools…once I found a library blog, I checked out their links, which is how I arrived at at least one of these 🙂

The Shifted Librarian

Your Neighborhood Librarian

Pop Culture Librarian

I’m sure I could find many more, but it is time to move on and catch up!!!


Number 8

For #8 I set up a bloglines.  Don’t know why because Google Reader is a million times better.  I think bloglines kinda stinks.  I’ve been trying to convince my husband to make the gmail switch for years and I decided to use this as my opportunity.  It went okay, we’ll see if he uses it. He only reads 2 blogs actually and hates changes of any kind…and is extremely stubborn…he is certainly a man of routines, which is totally ok, but it is just one way we differ.  I subscribe to about 50 or so blogs in Reader…more than I can actually read, but I try and read the ones I really like daily, the others I read if I have time. Here are some of my current daily reads:

3191 -A photo blog from 2 women living 3191 miles apart.  The photos are all taken during the evening.

Angry chicken -Amy Karol’s blog, it’s a craft blog that transcends the genre, plus lots of food love!  Great food exploration ideas and sewing tutorials.  Her youtube sewing tutorials are a joy!

Wee wonderfuls -Hilary Lang’s blog, also a crafter, just love the stuff she makes

The Small Object -another inspiring artist/designer

I actually don’t read any library blogs…only craft and design blogs, so for 9 maybe I will try and find some library blogs…but I dunno…I love being a librarian, but I have never seemed to find a library blog that really speaks to me…and I have found most library blogs are entirely too long!!!!  If you have any good library blog recommendations, leave me a comment 😉  I do already subscribe to Helene’s blog, Library Bytes, but that’s it…