10 Things About Me

Here is my P.S./Extra Credit for Learn and Play…10 Things about me that you may not know, but now you will…

1. I cannot sleep unless closet doors are closed.  Sometimes my husband teases me at night by opening the closet doors and I freak out!!!

2. I was freakishly shy until about age 25…okay, maybe not quite that long, but too long!!!

3. I have an insane sense of smell

4. I’ve climbed to the top of Mount Saint Helens.

5. I like almost anything if it is free.  And I am cheap.  I get this from my dad, who was known to haggle at the thrift store.

6. I can’t stand it when people try and rush me through the line at the store when I am trying to put my wallet away or something like that.  I also hate it when they automatically put my stuff in a bag when it is some thing small like Advil or something!

7. I grew up in the Short North, before it was hip.  I kinda miss the way it was sometimes.

8. I’m adopted

9. If I am ever rich (ha) I would pay someone to clean my house before buying a nice car or something like that

10. When my brother and I were kids we used to make up the strangest games…one of them was called “Pat Sajak” and it involved yelling “Pat Sajak” and then pulling our dogs tail (gently) and then chasing him around the couch.  Another was called “The Nice Rock to Sit On” and in this game, one person would curl up and pretend to be a rock and the other person would say “Hmmm…this looks like a nice rock to sit on” and then sit on the ‘rock’ at which point the rock would get up and move because it was a turtle, not a rock!  This would usually knock the sitter onto the floor.  We cracked up at this game…maybe I should not have shared this one…oh well, too late now 🙂


One Response

  1. Ha! I love those games you played with your brother! My sister and I used to play “Queen and Slave”. Somehow, she always got to be Queen, though, and when it was my turn to be Queen, she was tired of playing. Sigh.

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