The End

Wow!  I am finally on the last “Thing.”  For a while I was worried, but somehow I managed to catch up, just in the knick of time!  I am glad CML did this…I noticed many people at my location and around the system branching out and trying new things.  I loved the sense of community this brought about and how I have learned new things about some of my peers and co-workers.  I loved when staff discovered something new through this.  My favorite exercise was discovering delicious.  And I did not realize how much I would find this resource useful until way after I had posted about it.  In my post, I actually didn’t think I would use it, but I have used it several times since then…and here I thought I was fine just to do a google search…truth is, I cannot remember how I come across some links and that won’t help me when I need to do a google search to find it again.  I don’t think this has changed my lifelong learning goals much although it was good to try things I might not have otherwise.  I was surprised to realize how much I already utilize many Web 2.0 technologies.  I really thought I was more in the dark ages than I actually am 🙂 

If we do this again, I am trying to think of ways it could be tweeked for those who really are not into this type of thing….but I am not sure.  I noticed some folks really struggled to find the time to finish, especially if this didn’t come natural to them.  One thing I did notice is that a flash drive is not all that motivating to someone who doesn’t like technology…I think something non-tech would be a better motivator –maybe a T-shirt that said “I survived the 23 things” or something like that would be more fun.  If we did this again I would probably participate, but it was hard to find the time sometimes…we are BUSY these days 🙂  I would like it if we encouraged staff who will not finish to still finish sometime in the coming year. 

Ok, now back to just having one blog


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