I only listen to one podcast, Craft Sanity, so this exercise was useful to me. My husband listens to many!!! Doing this experiment I actually found a few more podcasts for him.  I discovered a few that look interesting, although I don’t know how much I will really watch or listen to them…podcasts have to really interest me to pay attention. I sometimes like to listen to NPR shows on my Ipod too.  I tried to look just for library or book related podcasts, but I mostly found a bunch of junk!  Reading Rockets and Just One More Book looked interesting to me.  I think the library could potentially do some book or program podcasts…but I think podcasts seem to appeal to more of a niche audience, so it would not gather a mass appeal, but it might be interesting to try.


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  1. Thanks for mentioning Just One More Book. I hope you find our book talks and interviews interesting. We’ve found podcasting to be a great way to reach people that are interested in children’s books and we enjoy a great deal of engagement from our site visitors and podcast subscribers. We’ve recently started experimenting with video augments to our audio programs and those have been surprisingly popular.

    I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about podcasting so that you can get your own show up and running.

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