Wikis, Part 1

I took about a half hour to look at the wikis linked in the Learn and Play blog post.  My wiki experience really only goes as far as wikipedia, so a half hour is really not enough time to get a true feel for wikis.  I still don’t feel completely clear about the best ways to use them.  I still have a hard time browsing wikis, they just don’t look inviting to me.  I thought the ones linked seemed a little sparse on content and being used to wikipedia which is anything but sparse, I found that somewhat disapointing.  I can see how wikis are useful for colaborative projects.  I also think they would be useful as a sort of database, for recipes or book lists, other things with a lot of “stuff.”  Still wikis seem to me most useful when you already know what you are looking for and not so much for just browsing.


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