Learn and Play Clickable Button!

Woo hoo!  I created my very own Clickable Learn and Play button (see it on the top left?) just like on CMLsi!  Not sure if this is technically allowed, since I stole the image from CMLsi, but I love buttons and thought it looked cool on CMLsi so I couldn’t help myself.  I was just playing on my lunch break when I thought of this.  If you want to make one too, it is soooooo easy!  Just do a “Save As” by right clicking on the Learn and Play button on the CMLsi.  Save it in “My Pictures” or wherever.  If you have a blogger blog then you can just go to your Layout and Add a Gadget.  Choose Picture, upload the Learn and Play button and add in the link!  Easy Peasy.  Word Press is a little more complicated of course (I’m finding everything seems to be a little more complicated in wordpress, anyone else?), but I found excellent instructions here.  Wouldn’t it be great though if CML provided the code for it somewhere on the Learn and Play blog, so we could easily just copy the code and paste in our own blogs?  Just like adding your shelfari or Librarything widgets? 

Again hopefully I’m not breaking the rules, if I am, I will happily remove it, but then again, I like to think of myself as a wild rule breaker type (lol)!!!


Here’s why I really love Flickr

Pudge conked out next to my knitting and laptop

I’ve been addicted to flickr for a couple of years now and the real reason is not the mashups or toys, what I love are the groups.  On Flickr you can send your photos to all sorts of groups.  There are lots of interesting groups and lots of ridiculous ones too.

For example, there is a group dedicated to all things pyrex.  It is called Pyrex Love.  I am a member of this group because I love all the old pyrex serving dishes and mixing bowls.  In this group, people like me can take pictures of their pyrex and send the pictures to this group.  How fun and totally pointless at the same time!  Some other pointless, but fun groups:

Here is a group just for pictures of your lunch, here’s a group for pictures of Gummy Bears and here is one for fans of the Japanese mini-furniture (Re-Ment) called Re-Ment Addicts.

There are also groups just for tons of sewing, knitting and crochet books.  When you make something from one of these books you can take a picture, upload it to flickr and send it to this group.  These are some of my favorite groups. And talk about a literate behavior!  Here are some groups dedicated to books:

There are many, many of these types of groups, for all sorts of niche crafts, designers, patterns etc.  It’s pretty amazing…and why I love flickr, a lot…oh and the picture at the top of this post, is in a group (of course!).  It is in the Friends of Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Group…which is connected to one of my favorite blogs, which you should check out!  And with that I’m turning OFF the PC.  Perhaps next time I’ll actually do one of the 23 things.  I don’t believe rambling about my love of flickr groups was one of them!

Flickr is lovely

Lola helps me iron, originally uploaded by djminimart.

Here it is, my flickr post for #5. I am posting using the “Blog this” feature on flickr. I have used it a couple times before, but it has been a while. I use flickr on almost a daily basis so I didn’t explore much more than usual for this exercise. I think this is all I have to do #5…I’m trying to be quick since the reality is I have to “Play” at home and I just got the fantastic idea that I may be able to squeeze in an AM hike before work if I play my cards right and don’t putz around getting ready!

The picture above is my very first cat, Lola. She actually walked in to the Franklinton Branch a couple of years ago! As you can see, she enjoys sewing very much. I believe strongly that blogs should use pictures whenever possible, so I am going to use Learn and Play as a vehicle to post pictures of my cats in every post.

Lifelong Learning

The easiest habit for me in the the 7 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners is #2: “Accept Responsibility for Your Own Learning.” I say this after reflecting on a few things I have learned since finishing my MLS in 2004. It is kind of amazing!  I could easily rattle off 20 or more things I’ve learned in the last 4 years! I’m tempted to type how much ‘I’ve changed’ but that really isn’t the right word…I’ve evolved or enhanced myself, might be better choices.  I thought this picture I took a few weeks ago of my cat  and my many craft books illustrates this fact…these books are my tools. I suppose I am good at Habit #5 as well (Create your own learning toolbox –and here I thought I was just shopping)!  I took this picture because I have currently challenged myself (over on my craft blog) to make at least one project from each book in the pile on the right…how is that for accepting responsibility for my own learning?

The hardest habit for me is #3: “View Problems as Challenges.” That said, I know that some of the best lessons I’ve learned are when I completely failed at something…or came across something I thought I’d never be able to do. Still, in the moment ‘problems’ cause me a great deal of anxiety. I do wish I could better put them in perspective, in the moment.

23 Things @ CML

I’m starting this blog for Learn & Play: CML’s 23 Things. I have maintained a personal craft blog for almost 2 years and have really enjoyed the process.  I have definitely learned many Web 2.0 skills through writing my own craft blog -things I never would’ve imagined!   I’ve decided to create a separate blog for this project and use wordpress since my craft blog is in blogger.  I thought it would be more interesting for me to try a different blogging software and do the same thing in a slightly different way.  I am already surprised how different wordpress and blogger are.  I am most excited though, to read other CML blogs along the way.  I’m definitely looking forward to this.